Designing logos is one of my favorite things to do. I put a lot of thought into designing a logo; how it will look very small, like on a business card or inset into a sponsor block with other sponsors logos and how it will look very large, displayed on a building, billboard or even the moon. In branding, everything revolves around a strong and professionally done logo. It speaks volumes about a company to the sub-conscious mind of their customer base. Make sure your logo follows the tried and true standards of a good logo design.


With over a decade of experience color correcting, fixing client files for output, color separations, working with spot colors and unique textiles to print on; I make the final product look outstanding. I have formed many partnerships with vendors around the country and know exactly where I’m sending a project for production based on either; price, quality, turn-around time or all of the above.


It’s always fun designing outdoor projects or vehicle wraps. You really don’t get to appreciate the design as a whole until you see the finished product in full scale. These are some of the projects that really WOW the client when they see the completed vehicle, banner, billboard or mural.




With today’s fast moving media and ever-evolving environment for getting your message out, the web has become an important aspect of a business’s marketing and advertising efforts. It is important for a business or individual to retain a sense of synergy and consistency with their marketing collaterals and their web presence. Social Networking is growing by the day. Email campaigns, eblasts, Facebook Fan Pages, Twitter Accounts and various other social networking platforms are all things we can help set up for you and even help manage. It can be very effective. We also offer very competitive Web Hosting Packages with Top-Notch Customer Service if you need to start from scratch with getting your website up and going.
Recent Websites Done

Famous Dave’s Colorado
Ostomy Armor
Heck Yeah Seasoning
Eagle Eye Automotive
NutriChef USA


T-Shirt Designs

Auto Advertising

Auto ads done a couple years back.